Improvements with version

New report on Ignition On/Off events

Offers you an understanding on when & where exactly your vehicle’s ignition was switched on/off.

Reports => Others => Ignition On/Off

AVLView Vehicle tracking report on Ignition on/off status

Spatial view now available on Overspeed report too..

Reports => Driving Violation => Overspeed

Spatial view of Overspeed report in AVLView system

Other Improvements

  • Two more fields added to Staff Time Sheet report – Location & Pick up/Drop off.
Report => Trips => Staff Time Sheet
- Revamped [scheduled trip report](; now offers scheduled & actual arrival/departure times on waypoints too.
Report => Trips => Scheduled trip
- User can now set a speed limit to [rate driver’s performance]( in driver scorecard.
Administration => Basic settings => Speed limit for Driver Scorecard
- Re-defined seatbelt violation rule ie., a violation is recorded when:
– Vehicle starts moving without driver wearing seatbelt – When vehicle is driven without driver wearing seatbelt for ‘x’ minutes
**For AVLView Partners**
  • Lists all upcoming renewals that make it easy for partners to get renewals done on time.
  • Perform IO Mapping for newly added vehicles – Set & configure digital/analog ports and add/modify analog formula per vehicle.
  • Stage records (vehicle snapshot based on IMEI no for a specific date) for immediate troubleshooting.
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